• The student must have a valid Qatar ID.
  • The Student must be of Indian Nationality. If the student is not an Indian then he must have special permission from the Ministry of Education for admission.
  • To join Kg 1 for the current academic year the child must complete 3 years.
  • For higher sections, the child must pass the previous class examinations and must provide a valid TC and report the card on the day of the admission process.
  • The child must pass the admission test to confirm the seat in the school.
  • If the student has studied in another curriculum that is either the British or American curriculum then he/she is eligible for admissions in one grade higher than the usual .that is if he has completed grade 1 in the British curriculum then he/she is eligible for grade 3 in Indian curriculum.

Age Criteria:

The age limit for each class is as shown below, age must be calculated up to 30th September 20XX,
(For example for the academic year 2019-20 calculate age up to 30th September 2019)